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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Stadswatch - Yawn!

This post is an unintended interlude in the current Fontanini season!

With reference to yesterday's post on fuckwits united's blog [http://www.stadsstuff.com/?p=9487]

Errr . . . no I didn't

 I said "some sources" which I chose not to name/link to as they are probably making genuine mistakes not the 24-carat bullshit that comes from the PSTSM.

And I said "may have" as I wasn't sure, don't know and was 'throwing it out there' to cover all the bases!

What they hate is that they first spelt Elio wrong in this [http://www.stadsstuff.com/?p=9229] post and then when I deliberately corrected them with another incorrect name (Elli), went and adjusted theirs to a third (Emilo)! Before getting it back to where it should have been all along! I was both playing with them and proving the 'shadowing', but that's for another post.

I should add that despite the gushing praise from some PSTSM'ers in the comments, the [Cané] thread as good as admits to being stolen from other peoples books and then plagiarises a whole bunch of internet images!

It's getting too funny, have you read yesterday's post, apoplectic with rage at nothing he was, inventing reasons for hysterical bile he is! Shadowing the Small Scale World; he can't deny, turning to the Dark Side, is the Jabbering Fuck.


Whatever - why don't you tell us about DGN again! I'm gonna' do a whole post on them once we've got other things out of the way here at Small Scale World . . . well, when I say I'm gonna' do a whole post on them; I mean I'm gonna' do a whole post on your pontificating about them!

What has come out of Mr. Stadinger's latest saliva-flecked rant is that Mr. Lemmon is probably the influenced rather than the influencer, as Simonetti had established his style long before all these figures were produced, whoever produced them (the wild west sculpts) first!

More fakery! yesterday on the left, today (8th June) on the right, well fancy that! The Hammer and Carbonel show! 

They've also added more text, taking my words out of context, I'll deal with it when I've dealt with everything else in the queue! On the bright side - between them they've finally started spelling Baravelli correctly, the constant references to 'Barabelli' by 'he who makes it up as he goes along' were becoming so tiresome as to be not worth reporting, all over the internet for over a year now, Barabelli, Barabelli, Barabelli!!!

'Probably', within the context of my previous comments, and I wasn't talking about Marx (except in passing) it was about Roman Inc. and Fontanini; their dates tie - Marx's dates are spurious? They are too dumb. The "...biggest fairy tale of the month for our hobby..." is not this storm in a tea-cup they are trying to whip up with their little-fingers; but that Mr. hammer and Mr. Carbonel ever worked for Airfix, or was it Barabelli? Thick as pig-shit - the pair of them.


Anonymous said...

Are they for real!


Hugh Walter said...

Cheers - I'm afraid they are, yes! I appreciate the comment, but it's a battle I'm managing to handle, and I don't want to see other people drawn-in - I leave the gang-stuff to the PSTSM.