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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

T is for Two - Loose Ends

Just a quick one today, bit of a lazy post, still working on that A-Z entry (keep my shadow's on tenterhooks!), so throwing a couple of 'odds & sods' at you . . .

  . . . following on from a post and comment about six weeks ago, they were from a part work, I picked this one up at the Plastic Warrior show in May, handled by Bisset elsewhere in the world and Hachette Publishing here in the UK, title varies and the run went to over 70 issues, but not all were these figural statuettes, there were other things Ankhs and the like!

Shot on Adrien's Stand at the resent Sandown Park show, probably Forest Toys and about 8/9-inches high, carved from wood, it's hard to be certain and although I've posted Forest before I think; it doesn't seem to be in the tag-list so it may be that I was posting [animals] on another platform, last time. Grenadier!

He has a little house, it's like a little box, it hasn't got a kitchen, but there's room for drying socks!

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