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Saturday, July 1, 2017

C is for Crooning Liver'blokes

Or: M is for More Insects!

There was some anniversary the other day, a photograph book of some kind I believe, I wasn't following the minutiae of the business but I believe it involved that popular Merseyside beat-combo from the sixties - init'bluuurrd!

You see these (or - more usually - part sets of them) on evilBay from time to time and having covered most of the other examples of the plastic plectrum pluckers here at small scale musician's world; I leapt at the chance to shoot this set of bobble-headed, flat-fringed, suited & booted, boy-band'ers.

A tad fuzzy, I'm afraid; much as I remember their output! It's a bit like trying to photograph insects! "♫♪Whay-hey we're the . . .♪♫ ", oh-no - they were monkeys weren’t they!

You could almost use them as pencil tops, but they are quite heavy, so only advisable if you wanted your handwriting to read like one of Donald's tweets . . . WTF? The man's a loon, they elected a loon to the highest office in the land!

The only reason you can't hear the world laughing at the OOH-KAY is because they're laughing louder at the OOH-ess-AY!

Oi, Macca! There's a song in there somewhere?

Thanks to Adrian of Mercator Trading for allowing me to photograph these.

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