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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Erwinwatch - he's back!

Or - O is for only....

One Response to Let It Go Hugh You Are Not Going to Win This One

...after four days!

erwin says:

July 14, 2017 at 3:30 PM

Sooner or later he will been as along as a shadow ghost .. Poetry? Idiocy.
His site is use as more politic constant attack than elseSurrealism? Muppetry.
He copywriting few quotes ,edit ,re-edit from others blogs to make looks accord to his post ,then twist and misinterpret always assuming as typical. Just a '?' here! Fucktard
A typical master spam twister of comments,very common seen around back desk hiding in shadows that when confronted in person runs away to avoid … err...let me know when I've run away won't you! Too funny - Cock.

Master spam twisters are very common round the backs of desks! H'h'h'h'h'h I can't breathe for fucking laughing . . . See! See them run from the shadows to avoid - now they've been confronted [in person]! HAAAAAAAhaaaaahahahahah! They're gonna kill'me these two, they make the Marx Brothers look like straight-men.

He is now coping (phew!) and pasting from other post any blogger who post something to then make an entire insane attack base in his opinion .That is plagiarism …. No it isn't, what you practice is plagiarism, I always attribute, link, acknowledge or name-check - Piss-ant.

He does not have idea who are our friends (Oooooo! Now I'm brickin'it!) and contact and assume our info is taken or plagiarised when we had receive personal permission to use it …
So i may have to get those links,author post their responses and info here (don't talk about it, do it - you should have done it when you quoted them, numb-nuts) plus the title of every book he does not have (how do you know! Split-pig) to see if he can buy then first and find out where is from.May be that will help him to educate (HAAAAAAA-haa-haa-haa!) himself more if he can afford get those other books that he had missed i have mention with title and author here before,even posting likins (is that what kittens do to ears? Fuckwit) for others to buy or get then as available if not sold out yet …Ha ha ha ha! Oh-god . . . does he believe this shit? Brain-dead fool.

He think he is rightful judge mighty master of opinion and self expert of assumption.
I had ignore every single comments of him and inform others admin blogger/forum of his activities against it .? ENGLISH - PLEASE! And you don't appear to be ignoring anything - Liar.

Every one who made a comment here or in other blogs has been mention by name or ID blog name and coping their post on his blog as to be use for a nasty derogatory offensive response towards all those he think are wrong… Heeheeheeheeheehee, People - Every one, make sure you only view me in a mirror-polished shield or you might turn to stone! Numpty.

It is very sad that unfortunately this great small friendly hobby has to deal with this unhealthy stain ('stains' plural, there's two; you and Stadinger) and those few admitting such person post in other places should think twice of it before as will also stain their site/magazine (Yeah, don't let me say nice, neutral things on your blogs, wait for an Erwin-to-Stadinger back-link or three!) .By now most are aware of this person and take action or else (are you're threatening 'the hobby' if they don't do your bidding?).Hope rest realize in time as well.
I’m glad x that results so far … (so am I - thanks to you my traffic's doubled in less than a year! And unlike your mentor I don't pay click-farms!)

He's not just stupid and dishonest; he's on his own planet; Sell-five, planet of cockwombles.


The above is the raving of a madman, and this most recent attack by Stadinger and Sell, is not only illiterate, inarticulate, miss-spelt, grammatically-unfocused, confused, factually inaccurate, petty, vacuous, inane-scribbling of little merit which fails to answer any of the questions I've raised about their shenanigans; it's actually starting to suggest mental instability from the pair of them.

They are so desperate to 'get it off their chests' they pay little or no heed to the presentation of the message, it's the hysterical ranting of little kids who haven't done their letters yet. But - they want to be taken seriously; they want to be taken more seriously than me? They want you to think of them as 'professional' - it's too funny.

Me? I'm an impatient, disorganised, ranting Blogger! And I'm very intolerant of idiot-thieves and liars - too many of them in government to put-up with them here too!


And then I had a comment notification in Hotmail yesterday (Monday), which upon following the link to the post was not visible, neither was there a 'removed by author' message.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "MTC is for Rack Toys!":

Thanks , I have recently been searching for information approximately this subject (?) for a
while and yours is the best I have discovered so far.
However, what
(what indeed?) concerning the conclusion? [There is no conclusion to the post, it's illustrative only!] Are you certain about the source? The packaging (in every image) had MTC on it - so; yes; I'm certain!

And - let's face it - this war has been going on long enough for you all to be able to recognise the only person in the hobby who's English is quite this bad (excepting his mentor's own efforts!).

Now - in nine years I have only banned four people from commenting; I think, the painted figure bloke - years ago, the suicidal Zionist - a couple of three years ago or so, the right-Johnson with his machine-guns and Mr. Erwin-too-fuckwitted Sell - a rate of censure of just over one-idiot per three years, or 0.4r of a person per year!

So the only conclusion (or assumption!) I can draw (as I don't pay for some fancy spam-software like the idiot Stadinger, finding Blogger's own firewall effective enough) is that the idiot Sell tried an anonymous post from his own [the banned] IP Address?

Dealing with those two Muppets is like dealing with a pair of post-lobotomised Forest Gumps.


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