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Saturday, July 22, 2017

R is for the Real Small Scale World!

I'm well behind with these, I've taken lots interesting stuff in June and July, but these are actually from May! I'll post soldiers (or cowboys!) later.

Sheild Bug - I love shield bugs, they're the best, like little alien knights in camouflaged armour! This is a Forest Shield I think?

Chafer - one of the lesser chaffers, common Garden Chaffer or something. And Insect porn! Oh baby, is that your wing-case or are you pleased to see me!

Caterpillar - There are so many caterpillars in green with a pale stripe down them I daren't try to ID it as a rank amateur, but it'll be one of the Whites . . . probably!

Weevil - or not? My absolute all time favourite insect might not be the weevil it appears to be at all, but rather a faux-weevil called the Aspen Beetle or Byctisus Populi, although given the size of most of these (common on our hazelnut) I think they may actually a weevil, the weevil the Aspen pretender is pretending to be - if you have an aspen rather than a hazel?

Bees - A selection of bees!

Mixed - an Ichueumon Fly (kind of parasitic wasp) or other wasp, possibly a Field Digger top left, a Hover-Fly below it; possibly one of the Sun Flies and two shots of a Cockchaffer or 'May Bug', they never come out - the flying shots - camera doesn't know what it's looking at, or where!

Lilly Beetles - invasive species, damaging, they both died, but they're pretty.


Phil said...

Great pics of the Real Small World!

Hugh Walter said...

Thanks Phil, I've taken better ones June/July, but they may have to wait until September!