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Thursday, July 27, 2017

S is for Stop the Press! B is for Bugger!

I mean...if I'd known? I would have been there . . . with a butterfly net!


Fussa-russa - fussa-russa . . . heeh-heeh-heeh!


Also - in my mail-box today, Barney's got a sale on!


Dear Collector, today sees the start of our Big Summer Sale with many items reduced by up to 25% off - click on our 'Specials' tab to the right of our 'Items for Sale' page and see a staggering 290 specials on offer - Get Them While They're Hot! We also have a good selection of Hilco and Taylor & Barrett plastic Farmyard models just arrived, including some harder to find animals. Happy collecting! Barney


Ah Yes - people who read don't need the advice, the people who need the advice don't read - some "politic constant attack" for you!

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