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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A is for Amscan

I promised we'd start Rack Toy Month with an image-heavy, blurb-light look at Amscan, and this is that post, all sent to the Blog by Brian Burke - so many thanks to him - and all current or recent (last year's-) Amscan production/US issues which should still be track-down-able.

Pencil rubbers/erasers, some of which appear to have had a pncil-sharpener stuffed in their open mouths, or somewhere even more uncomfortable!

Stretchy-aliens (and catapult'able!) and dinosaur skeletons; Dinosaur skeletons have been a common trope for a while now, and there's probably enough out there for a small sub-collection should anyone feel so inclined!

Small vehicles with enough plastic to earn their right to feature here! Three pick-up trucks, three dog-catcher vans and two puddle-jumpers, it's a cheap way of providing transport for war-games armies?

And a bulk set of animals, there seem to be 3x12, and while they are not in-scale with each-other, they are a bargain if you've got kids and a party happening at the same time, compared to some of the 'party favours' you see over here, these are good!

'Cheepie' die-cast sports cars, and all-plastic F1 types, I love the latter, it's a pity there are six identical cars though, if they were all different colours they'd be more use, but anything with an HO figure in the cockpit scores brownie-points with me!

Whistles, qualifying for the Blog under the novelty banner, you can see from the backgrounds that there are bags of one type in older packaging and mixed bags in last-years graphics and it seems State News is the place to look for all these - if you're over the pond - as I know Brian shot them together in a session.

Both sides of some wacky, googlie-eyed, alien-head, key-rings - what else can one say about them, that's all the bases covered!

Shifting table-tennis/ping-pong balls out of season! Or should that be wiff-waff now?

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