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Saturday, August 5, 2017

A is for Ark . . . Toys?

A real box-ticker this one as it's a charity-shop purchase from last year of what was originally a very low-budget, or just very low-quality - rack-toy. From the graphics I'd say 1990's but this sort of stuff is around now; as with those farm-Boley's we looked at yesterday, and others?

Some good, some bad, some (the poultry) apparently based on old composition, or more likely little, novelty ceramic mouldings? Scale is all over the place (again like the Boley domestic animals) with a rabbit threatening to give the goat a run for its money . . . after smothering the ram to death!

But - as sculpts - the dog, cow, ram and antelope (South African farm, clearly) are all OK and while the goose is a bit lumpen, the similar duck works! Likewise the smaller hen is acceptable, the larger cockerel much cruder, and it's not all blameable on the paint! But WTF is that thing bottom-left?

Is it a cat, is it a monkey, is it a monkey-cat? Is it a lemur, a meercat, a mongoose? A meergoose; a monkay! A lemong'ucataymeer . . . ?

Imported into the UK by an Ark Toys, branded to the local public lavatory (a made-up brand if ever I saw one - with the logo knocked-up in Windows 'paint') and the FARM graphic has some very odd mobius-topography! All bearing a variation of the mark (shown) in their soft'ish PVC; they are probably post 1997 - if nothing else can be discerned about them!

Beach-toys! But it's all grist to the mill . . . box ticked.

10/08/17 - Still going, still listing various farm sets, but the graphic have improved, calling themselves Toy Distributors

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