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Saturday, August 12, 2017

F is for Follow-up - V is for Value Pack

A couple of days after I'd scheduled last weekend's posts, Brian Berke sent me his findings for this season too late to add to the relevant posts. One or two of the bits he sent have already been slotted neatly (or jemmied) into posts, but as the Amscan post was on the 1st of the month, it's easier to present these as a follow-up.

Unlike the sea-life the other day, these are definitely knock-offs of Iwako designs; the donkey we saw a while ago ('Erasers' in the Tag List) and at 12 for just-short of five dollars it's pennies per unit isn't it? Cheap as chips!

I'm loving these! I mean I am ab-sur-lute-ley f****g lovin'em! Brilliant! They are like the old rubber jigglers and I'll be looking-out for them in UK shops - quality . . . real quality tat! And the colours, you've got to love the colours - that orange is gorgeous! But they're not as cheap as the donkey-rubbers.

From the top you've got a six-armed cyclopean with Piglett's ears, an even more piglike cyclops, a wacky vampire batterfrog (indeed, is one of these a realistic likeness of a Basingrad hippa'crocka'frog?) and my favourite the triclopean who is borrowing heavily from Toy Story.

Note also that the way they're packed each one comes in three of four colours - so you have to buy a second set to get the lot? Thanks Brian!

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