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Saturday, August 12, 2017

J is for Ja-Ru - A is for Another Follow-up

Also sent by Brain Berke the other day (so today is Brian's Rack Toy Day!), these shelfies confirm my assumption vis-à-vis Jaru being behind the sets the other day, and it may well be that Brian told me as much when he sent those images last year? Those of you responsible have some idea how many eMails I get, and stuff does get lost or forgotten!

The Explore Planet Earth Horse Country sets again but clearly marked-up as Jaru, I'm not sure of the intended size, but figure modellers might want to seek this set out for mounted subjects as there is a range of sizes in the bag and they are mostly in peaceful (or on-parade) poses?

Alternate/new (?) artwork for the previous set.

The same artwork on a dinosaur card, did we look at the green-carded version of this last year? I seem to remember pointing out that they look like old 1970/80's stock, there must be a warehouse or shed-full somewhere!

Like the Gulliver Confederate ACW cavalry - some dealers were (are) listing them for a small fortune as 'really rare', but the whole point of the fraud was that a vast number were ordered and manufactured on a FOB/COD contract (in order for the accountant to run off with the [a meaningful amount of-] cash-dosh), so there was (is) a mountain of them and honest dealers still let them go for a fiver or so 'cos there's a warehouse-full of them somewhere, or there was, but they're still not rare!

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