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Saturday, August 26, 2017

L is for Lazy Post

It's been a while since we had a genuine one of these but I was busy doing something-else yesterday and never got round to texting-up today's article, or what was going to be today's article, however I remembered I had these kicking around from a 2012 photo-session, so I'm just going to chuck them up here without ceremony as a follow-up/additional part of/to yesterday's post.

An earlier (?) [better finished; less holes drilled in it for plug-ins] version of the three-way hybrid A/C with sub-scale Land-Rover and jeep trailer in generic packaging along with a larger Jeep in ST (or more likely MST) branding.

Close-up; it's a much cleaner sculpt and the Land-Rover will be a copy of the Matchbox 1-75 series smallie.

The Willy's Jeep from the similar card, we'll be looking at them in a day or three!

Is it ST (something toys!) or MST - Mountain [something] Toys? Macau? . . . Probably a made-up brand so it doesn't matter, unless you are an obsessive, middle-aged, collector of toys . . . and lists!

- Probably - earlier packaging of the smaller models from the above range, and the A/C is now in 'enemy' brown!

Close-ups of the Land-Rover and trailer, while the Land-Rover is ex-Matchbox I'm not so sure about the trailer, it was issued in the small scale by Tai Sang/Blue Box (in hard plastic - theses, like yesterday's are all soft polyethylene), but someone must have produced a donor (they always did!), could it have been from an early kit? Monogram, Pyro; one of them?

Close-up of the brown-job, euschk! - No Plug-ins, no vehicle-commander.

A Reminder of yesterday's novelty/fair-ground prize or whatever with all attachments.

That's your lot - lazy post!

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