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Monday, August 28, 2017

News, Views etc . . . couple of bits . . .

. . . as I failed to get today's post texted-up for Saturday so couldn't load it, it should appear here later today.

There is a proper 'News Views' in prep. for September, but these both came out of the blue the other day and are already 'old news'!

Royal Fail have issued a set of toy-related stamps, one of which has two Britains Herald Trojan figures on it! They are also available as postcards. They could have used nice, well-painted, early ones, not these shiny-PVC shitters from Hong Kong! The first version archer is one of my favourite figures.

Lego continue with their intention to take over the world with a TV show which first aired on Thursday last. I can't tell you how much Lego publicity there is around at the moment, too much, anyone would think Christmas was coming and there's no news coming out of the real world . . . day-by-day account of David Beckham taking three days to build a fort that should have taken an afternoon anyone?!!

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