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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

W is for ♫♪ Wooarp! Wooarp! - Isdee'Sound o'der Polieece! ♫♪ Wooarp! Wooarp! ♫♪

This is a right old Picasa-clearing, box-ticking, bag of bones today with nods of thanks to Brian Burke and Peter Evans for 'shelfies' and/or samples and a couple of images that have been on my 'phone since 2011!

Getting the aforementioned out of the way first; I can't even remember where I shot these, but it was in November 2011, as I was moving so it could have been anywhere! Looks to be HTI the - then - new branding for Halsall [Toys International] and the figures are about 45mm, we'll look at the firemen from the twin-set tomorrow.

A rather busty police-woman who's been put in 'shirt-sleeve' order to advertise her charms, while her colleague keeps his tunic on! And would you say the uniforms are actually quite Chinese, despite the international [play-value] feel of the rest of the contents?

These should have been in last year's Rack Toy Month (as should a few other things in this year's!), but they got held over. The figures are well sculpted, but a little wooden in their dynamism and have been issued under various brands; here claimed by Regent Products' sub-brand of Good Old Values.

Duplication of pose between sets (which have figure-specific blisters so it's meant) would require quite an outlay to find all the poses, but they do turn-up in other brands packaging or loose on eBay occasionally.

Brian pointed out that the mock-up of a shoulder patch on the Regent packaging is missing the NYPD (New York Police Department) of a genuine ESU original, so it can be assumed this is an unlicensed 'tribute-act' rather than any kind of official 'homage', and as such - a slightly distasteful exploitation of peoples goodwill; we're talking 9:11 and its aftermath here?

Also from last year (but 2009-marked stock) is Jaru's set Police Emergency Rescue with the police sculpts/figures in both blue and red (and with poses I still have to track down). All that; for five dollars? Bargain!

While this year Brian sent shelfies of Imperial's offering which appears to have the same boat as Jaru's, but all stickered-up, along with the same road/traffic signs but a mix of figure poses from two of the sets below.

Note that the importers are Greenbriar/DTSC, while Imperial are a US-based seller in their own right, a fourth unknown 'name' will be the shipper and the factory - a fifth!

We looked at some of these last year, some a few years ago but I think new poses have joined the first row, courtesy of Peter's 'Big Bag', while I grabbed a few others of the same vague size. The figures in the Imperial bag contain poses from both the Jaru and the Top Toy sets but in a better quality than the Top Toys.

Top Toys/Imperial (and others!) are also taking from Fishel in the pose department, while the unknowns at the bottom pay some homage with the pistol-firer almost a mirror-reverse. It should also be noted that while having new poses the Jaru bagged set above has flat-based figures, not the slightly hollowed-out ones sent to the Blog by Brian last year and shown here.

I almost forgot - Brian had sent me this ages ago, too cool for police-college; he's painted up a bunch of unknown police and the Jaru radio guy as what I believe (Brian'll correct me if I'm wrong!) represent Dan Dare space-police in 'planet-side' uniform!

Looking at the guy reaching for his 'piece the others may be additional poses from my unknown last row, but then the shooting-with-bull-horn looks like one of the poses from the larger Jaru bagged set, are they one and the same? Or are mine poorer, 2nd-generation copies of the Jaru 'originals'?


MIN ManofTin said...

Some of these blue police figures turned up in Wilko min action figure tube packaging in 2016 UK


And then vanished again from the smaller Wilko stores. I do like the original dark blue police figures bought c. 07/08 online or even in a rare real toy shop, can't remember which. Especially I like the disco diva man.


Interesting to see the Dan Dare link - I thought space marines, revolutionaries etc when I saw them etc. Best wishes Mark, Man of TIN

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Mark!

Yes, they're all new sculpts [to me] and I keep an eye on Wilco . . . fussa-russa!

Funnily-enough I linked to you about three weeks ago? Don't know why it took so long to find you, but lots of useful stuff on your blog, and the lack of snobbery toward any given toy soldier type is always to be encouraged!

Oh! I was searching for guardsmen? Can't remember why now, but I found you little creamy-white Christmas cracker-guard?

Thanks for those links, it all adds to the bigger picture . . .


khan said...

very very very nice..ahahha

Hugh Walter said...

Thanks Khan, glad you liked it!