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Friday, September 8, 2017

F is for Funny How Things Come Together Sometimes

Or: H is for Henbrandt . . . Again!

I was walking up to the station the other day and a saw a piece of orange plastic in the detritus building up in the rain-channel the local authority gave-up cleaning as soon as they had installed it!

Picking it up (I'm a right old pikey!) I recognised it to be a jumping-toy mechanism and stuffed it in my pocket . . . for the spares box, you understand!

Only to notice a rather mucky blob of green rubber a few days later in the same damp leaf-pile, taking that home too - for a good wash with a toothbrush, it was obvious they went together . . . probably thrown from a passing car by a stroppy infant, or dropped by the occupant of a pram?

Thinking maybe it was a Frogglet from the Clangers, and possibly a freebie from one of these kids magazines, I put it to one side intending to include it in one of the future Christmas novelty round-ups or a [the] Clanger post (which has been in Picasa for a while now!) after shooting off a few pictures for whenever; and thought no more about it, for a week or three.

Then, when I popped into The Entertainer in Basingrad for my occasional look to see if there are any new rack-toys around, or any developments in Star Wars or Micro Machines &etc., I found a whole box of them! 50p each! You'd be mad not to (or less mad than me? Doh!), so I bought one-each of the four I didn't have.

Because we'll probably never return to them, and I quite like them - in my immaturity! - I took too many photographs, so here are a couple more! 

The blue one reminds me of Plug from the Bash Street Kids!

Branded to Henbrandt, and part of a promotional, pocket-money, toy stack/display called Fun Time, they were alongside the usual segmented snakes, yo-yo's, bouncy-balls and so on, all @ 50p per unit.

However, when I went to pay for my four-for-two-quid Jump-up Monsters (for that is what they are called on the receipt), the cashier said "That's one-fifty sir", says I "I think you'll find it should be two, there's four here and they're fifty-pee each?", "No" replies the lad; "They are on offer, it's all three-for-a-pound on that end", "Blimey" says I, "I'll have another look" . . .

. . . returning moments later, to the same till, with three parachuting aliens, each holding an umbrella - as an emergency 'shute - and a book to read on the way down! The three also in Henbrandt 'cellophanes', a quid: bargain!

In the meantime, I had found this further along the same footpath, but definitely a pedestrian's loss as it was where the path is further from the road - maybe a secretive baby is feeding stuff he wants to see on the Blog, to the Blog, by 'accident'!

It too is branded to Henbrandt, and I had seen them, a while ago (but can't remember where, as I never imagined I'd need to know!) in larger bags of 10 or maybe 20 units for a couple- or few-quid as bulk-buy, party favours.

♪♫♪ Allll to'getheeer'now - alltogethernow! ♪♫♪
♪♫♪ Allll to'getheeer'now - alltogethernow! ♪♫♪

[up an octave]
♪♫♪ Allll to'getheeer'now - alltogethernow! ♪♫♪

♪♫♪ Aaalllllll toooo'geethhh-eeerrrr NOW! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

[repeat until you're sick of it in your head - earworm!]

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