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Monday, September 25, 2017

N is for Nix, Nada, Nothing Prepared!

I had nothing ready for today, I'll try and post something later the afternoon, in the meantime here's a picture confirming an assumption in a previous post about some figures probably being out-worker's unpainted stock meant for something like a key-ring!

They were meant to be key-rings!


Terranova47 said...

It's interesting that Traffic Wardens never made it into London's Uniformed Icons when it comes to souvenir items.

Hugh Walter said...

Hummmm . . . I think it's because you'd find them stamped, melted and cut into little pieces in the gutters outside the tourist kiosks!

Yellow-hatted gentlemen? Corporate-hatted, privatised, revenue-generating, F***arses . . . Apparently!

But there is one in the Corgi catalogue, Hornby (possibly Triang 'Minic' Motorway?) and didn't Micro Machines do one, in US Garb?