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Sunday, September 3, 2017

P is for Pilots Pondering Parentage

I suppose I could spend a few hours Googling things like "Fujimi 1:48th Zero kit on sprue" or "Box Scale WWI Biplane on sprue" and after a while have most of these ID'd, but I'm hoping some of you will know these instantly and be able to tell the rest of us, if not Google awaits!

I'm pretty sure there are four makes (or lines/ranges) here (A, B, C, and D) and that they are all around 1:48/1:50th, however, box scale may be the truth as some are from early kits I think?

Number 6 looks like he might be a Kamikaze ready for the off? 7 could be a paratrooper, or just someone adjusting his chute before climbing into the cockpit. 2 seems to be the crew from an old 'stringbag', so probably a WWI fighter, and the red plastic hints at a Fokker Triplane, but the only figures I know from that one are (thinks Revell or Aurora?) pushing the aircraft on the ground, labelled-up and in storage! The 3's seem also to be a pair and from the same era?

Numbers 1 & 4 though; seem to be better equipped with more modern flying gear, so I'm guessing WWII, again yellow plastic hints at a Tiger Moth? Any help formally ID'ing any of them will be appreciated.


Hugh Walter said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "P is for Pilots Pondering Parentage":

I think this are pilot figures from some frog aircraft kits.

3A are from the Fokker F.Viib-3m Southern cross model kit
1A is from the Gloster Whittle E28/39 Pioneer model kit
4A is from the Bleriot XI model kit
5B is from the Gipsy Moth model kit
2B are from the DH 88 Comet Racer
7D could be the crew man from the Airfix HS 126 model kit. This guy is missing his arms holding the Camera

But his comment didn't post for some reason and he remained even more anonymous than he intended . . . thank you stranger, I'm posting the Bloodhound crew in a day or too as well, such is coincidence!


Hugh Walter said...

You're right on the 7D annon . . . and I might even have the arms, now I know what I'm looking for!