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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

T is for Two - Parcels (Follow-up to RTM '17)

So . . . Saturday just gone left two parcels on my doorstep, one from a Mr. Peter Evans of a nearby but apparently somewhat smoky parish, and the other from a Mr. Brian Berke who lives in a big apple!

Both parcels contained donations to the Blog for which I am - as ever - grateful, and while some of the bits will filter-in over time or even be held-over until next year's RTM, two of them are pertinent to the recent Rack Toy Month, so I thought I'd better post them 'as soon as'!

Sent by Peter before I posted them on the Blog, and with no knowledge of the fact I was about to, so an example of fortuitous synergy; having stated I wasn't happy with the New Ray moniker on various figures (11 and 12 in this post and 26 in a subsequent post) being so ascribed elsewhere, I believe these are closer to the actual New Ray and a quick comparison with the figures published here the other day will show these to be a superior material with a smother, glossier finish.

However I'm still to be convinced these are 'they' either! The prone figure especially is not to the same level of detail as New Ray originals, nor do the upright figures have the same chamfered edges to their bases as the originals, but their bases are more substantial than; and the overall quality is better than the ones we looked at the other day, also; they are good copies of the New Ray poses, so another one to add to the unknown's! Thanks again Peter!

Meanwhile also on the doorstep was a load of nice things from Brian among which was this loose policeman, New York, riotous denizens in, for the use of! As I have rather depleted the bloggability of the loose, larger scale HK/China 'unknowns' from the emergency services box I though it's better to post him now; while the others are fresh in our minds.

I think he's a missing pose from the bottom row in the line-up, and also from the Jaru 'Emergency Rescue Police' big bag (seen in red plastic) Brian previously shelfied for us, which leaves Jaru having carried three sets of vaguely/basically 50/54mm police figures in the last ten years or so. Thanks again Brian!


Philip Atkinson said...

Had a bag full of these Police figures a few years ago in dark blue plastic.

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Philip - I think the guys in the 'line-up' are darker, this one is almost marbled?