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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

T is for Toro Toro Teixidor!

Shot this on Mercator's stand two three weekends ago, the sort of stand-alone item I'll never have the funds (or the room!) for, and while I collect the loose figures, I've yet to get any Teixido examples, so a bit of a treat to see this and photograph it (despite my opinion of bullfighting which I won't bore you with again!).

The set comes like this under a lift-off lid, whether there was any packing - maybe tissue - when new I don't know, there is one piece of string, but that seems structural and to be holding down the sandpaper ring (which you would have thought they'd glue-down?) to the base of the box.

The four corners are boxed-over and the whole is foil-laminated with red/white striped 'wrapping paper'. The semi-translucent stuff is book-binders mending/repair tape I think and the whole thing was sitting in the lid which I forgot to photograph!

The ring - though toy-like and scaled-down - has all the amenities of the real thing printed on the outer wall with various exits for the fighters, butchers and hangers-on, there's also a card inner wall to hide behind - when the thing you're slowly killing tries to kill you first - which is just a strip of card stapled at the ends to make a rigid hoop!

Foot types present in this set, there are more in the Teixido inventory and with the [re]moveable arms a couple of the figures can be made to hold the cloth/cape behind them making them look quite different.

A mounted figure missing his left arm and the bull; it would appear the bull is the donor for the Jecsan bull in my collection, but Teixido's has its head down with exhaustion and - like all originals - is a better sculpt.

Compare with the copies and other brands here, I think I called them all Comansi when I published, but I've got them all straight in my head now and by the time you read this I should have updated the old post to read more correctly! [Actually it wasn't as bad as I thought and comments dealt with what remained!]

Looking at the protection the horses carry raises the question of what damage do the horses suffer or how often are horses damaged or even killed/put-down? Maybe the barbarism isn't confined to the bulls and the odd Bullfighter?

A couple more shots of the 'whole'. Daniel Lepers recently reported in Plastic Warrior magazine 167 (back numbers/subscriptions available) that these are getting brittle now and collectors are having to be very careful handling them, I have to say these looked OK - but I wasn't about to test them!

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