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Thursday, November 2, 2017

E is for Emoticons or Emojis

I'm not terribly enamoured of the direction popular culture is going these days so I'm pleased to see the Emoji movie sunk without trace, losing money on the way, sometimes lessons need to be expensive!

Anyway, as a result various people have leapt on the Emoji bandwagon - however creaking it may be - not least the Turkish chocolate capsule-egg maker Toto, these are also Turkish, also chocolate capsule eggs and also contain recognisable Emojis, however they're not mentioned anywhere on the packaging as such, but only on the insert as 'bendy men' or 'figurines' etc...

The conclusion being that while Toto have sought and obtained a license, Choco Treasure probably have not!

Back in March or thereabouts there was an edibles post, and these were for a follow-up which got so delayed you're reading it now! Brian Berke sent these images and has eaten his way to a reasonable sample of the prizes with two of the figurines and a bendy toy, to witt - one pirate who nearly got Blogged on TLAPD, but Brian had sent another egg (uneaten - the chocolate all for me!) to the Blog, and the delayed post (which had other stuff, and was already growing) grew some more and got delayed again.

The box gives some idea as to the contents, including the poop; now - I know to some I will start to sound like my parents; but - who decided a poop was needed in 'social' media messages, who decided to design one, who coded it up, why is it still with us, who decided it would be a good idea to put it in a movie aimed at kids . . . parochial reactionary rant! Parochial reactionary rant!

Don't get me wrong, I'm no prude, and the Turd Salahi Family in Southpark are very funny, but they are a parody of American society, a poor immigrant, 'coloured' family, satire, while this one is just shit . . . and a Southpark clone!

To the egg . . .

. . . and it's teasing me with a very colorful wrap, Brians got a pirate, will I get a pirate? There's a pirate on the wrap . . . "com'mon sucker, unwrap me, you know you want to, will I have a pirate toooo?"

We have looked at Choco Treasure before I think? Non-emoji? Imported by Candy Treasure LLC of Lebanon, New Jersey and - like the Toto eggs - there is no sickly white-chocolate layer, so they are to my taste - nicer chocolate!

And while the design is slightly different with the capsule having a shelf running pole-to-pole, this would seem to have more to do with placing the egg halves than any swallowing hazard, so the question-mark about how these get in [to the 'States] while Kinder don't - still stands?

Awwww! I didn't get a Pirate, but if I was to get any other it would have to be the devil figurine, or 'Mr. Angry' and I got Mr. Angry, how very apt! But the real point of the post is that this Mr. Angry is a bendy angry.

I must say though that he's also very hard to manipulate, whether this is due to the short length of the arms, or because he's made with a heavy-gauge armature I don't know (without cutting him open), but I'd bet a week's ages on the later!

Other items available, I had a 1:34 chance of getting the one I did . . . and a 2-in-34 chance of being gifted a poop . . . just call me Lucky! Thanks Brian!

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