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Saturday, November 4, 2017

M is for Moggie Traveller

A bit of pure nostalgia today, we had two of these, a second-hand grey one made in the 1960's which was a good runner, and a factory-fresh, dark 'Trafalgar Blue' one made under the union troubles of the 1970's which never quite lived-up to expectations and helped explain how we handed the British motor-trade to Japan and Germany - rather as Trump is currently surrendering US global influence to Russia and China!

Basically a Morris Minor with a box on the back, whenever our parents went to a dinner party, drinkie 'do' or whatever (what happened to all that formal socialising, it seems to have died a death! I blame Aynge!), my brother and I would be taken along; with our sleeping bags and left out in the car . . . saved a fortune in babysitter fees!

The weird thing is I can still remember the number plate - POT 698G - over most of the vehicles . . . err . . . all the vehicle's I've ever owned!

Vanguards from Lledo, box is a bit sun-faded! If I recall correctly - our radiator-grill bars were colour matched to the car bodywork, rather than having a big wide cream or white grin, like some models, that was the height of sophistication through factory customisation or 'optional extras' in Post War Britain!

Also while the date given on the enclosed papers suggest this is meant to show an earlier model, they had saluting 'wing' indicators recessed into the side-pillars which later vehicles like our second one and the depicted model didn't have.

We also used to get left in it while mum went shopping, and once in the no-horse village of Hartley Wintney's high street (the A30!), we got into trouble after getting bored, opening the sliding side window and shouting "Bloody-bugger-shit-bloody-bugger-shit-bloody..." at passing traffic - until some offended old lady called the police!

The Rozzer's found mum, she told dad, we sat-down very gingerly for a day or two, those where the day huh? A bit of casual violence toward children - begat half-sensible adults! Kids - "Banana-car!" is a safer game.

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