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Sunday, November 5, 2017

T is for Two - Hollow-cast Wild West

Picasa clearer - shot at Sandown Park toy fair - I think - in 2014 and both interesting in the own way, they also illustrate how far we've come in toy soldier [figure] design.

Cowboys, no arguing with that, Made in Occupied Japan so probably aiming at the US market and possibly AHI or Shackman or someone like that? Copies of a Johillco foot cowboy - four of them! - and a mounted figure which bears a passing resemblance to a Hill figure too.

The contents of this set are arguably poorer, with more scenic accessories than figures and two guys surrendering! It's called Timpo Ranch Set . . . who do you need to surrender to on a ranch . . . big, bad, beef barons!

The set however has a thin veneer of fame, having previously been seen in Norman Joplin's Big Book of Hollow Cast - pp.241, fig.475. In which it is explained that the contents are a mixture of Stoddart and Timpo items although the mounted and armed poses also bear a marked resemblance to Hill's output.

Apologies are due - as I think we've seen it before here at Small Scale World; clearly I was so impressed by its provenance I photographed it both times I saw it!


Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

I think the good guys have caught some rustlers or may some rustlers got the drop on some good guys. It an be so hard to tell. As a kid, I'd a been asking "Where's the indians?"

Hugh Walter said...

Either that Ross or they're picking mighty high apples!