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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

B is for Better Bat Toys - Argentina Part II

They are still on the big-side and at around 6-inches would pass for Marx if they weren't equipped with purple faces and/or Playtex cross-your-heart and make-a-cone brassieres! And don't think I'm taking the piss because I don't like the figures in these posts, I'm just in Holiday mode.

This is the one which looks most Marx-like, is he based on a Marx pose, the base is very familiar looking, but the purple face suggests he should spend more time in the gym and less time crime-fighting with a heart-condition!

The rest of the gang, again there's nothing empirical to say they are Argentinian toys, but plenty to shout that they 'aint anything else! Bat Girl and what I think was once Wonder Woman have . . . ahem! . . . some unmistakable, womanly charms, although; that shape and they've usually been purchased from a Brazilian surgeon!

Meanwhile, Superman - for it is he - has had a wardrobe failure and attempted to choke himself to death with his own cape; Mk.I, shopping, originally for the bagged use of!

The Fly? Well-endowed Lobster-Fly Man? Those Argentinians, huh?!! Is he from a Japanese cannon; Atom Boy, Astro-Boy, A Straw Boy, Godzilla, something like that? See this'arvo's post for more on those!

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