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Saturday, December 30, 2017

F is for Follow-up; Belenes, Nativities, Santons etc...

Along with the angel we saw yesterday came these two as a response to the santon and nativity posts.

I'm on safer ground with the right hand figure; 70mm. 'ivorene' polystyrene nativity figure, probably the Hearald angel or Archangel, although I don't recognise it from a specific figure manufacturer's set, so could be a more generic or unrecorded decoration from a home-wares company or cake decoration supplier somewhere?

Equally though; it could be a tourist piece of Jesus himself, St Paul, or Peter? Also, while the colour of the plastic is more 1970's Hong Kong or US, the styling of the sculpt is quite 1950's French production?

I don't know anything about the John Bull look-alike which seems to be a fired-earth or terracotta, the chipping to the front of the base even suggests a composition, but with that paint definitely a minor-make!

It's clear Crescent's sentry doesn't trust him either "Your papers . . . Now!"

Can you help Brian with indentifying either figure?

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