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Sunday, December 3, 2017

H is for How They Come In II - Little Rubber Guys

Found in a charity shop in Farnborough, up the road, at the end of October, some immediately got shoved onto the Halloween 'spreadsheet', but worth a second look as I seek to clear them out of Picasa!

Again two bags - a bit pricier at one-ninety-nine, but then they were a lot heavier, although that was due to the amount of PVC rather than the number of items! Funnily enough; I haven't collected much of this stuff in the last few years, I've quite a bit in storage, but nothing rare or exciting.

However I think the LRG collecting community is larger and more active that the poly-troop brigade and they tend to Hoover them up with quiet efficiency? It may just be that they have yet to come to market in bulk, but as I say I picked a load up in the 1990's-2000's so I think it's more that they are collected with enthusiasm.

Contents of one bag, there was almost a 50-50 split between Monster In My Pocket's and everything else, with the everything else including Yolanda, Wrestler's IMP, a few [possibly/probably] Pokemon's, a Snoopy (going to bed!), Galoob and a pencil-top which I think might be from The Mask . . . did it have a morphing dog?

There was also a Mighty Max pocket-dungeon thing, but it's not clear if the two figures belong with it and I need to find a website that lists them all, anyone know where there's a good one?

I was forgetting the Virtual Toy Chest! Chronosaur, but the squid's from somewhere else!

The person who sorted these in (or for) the Charity Shop was scrupulously fair, and the contents of the other bag are - to the casual observer - the same, even to the splitting of duplicates between the two, apart from the large Lion which I assume is from that Disney bloke's dead-lion-dad movie that wot I never soor!

Anyone recognise the pink guy with the bobble-hat, he looks like a Muppet to me, but he could be from another Henson franchise, Fraggle Rock or Sesame Street?

While the squid belongs in this Lavabeast head with the skorpider thing!

So the squadron of (Pokemon?) bees was two each in the two bags, the Pet Alien eyeballs and gecko-lizards (Pokemon again?) likewise one-each. I'm guilty of never having followed-up on John's invitation to explore HOTT (other than by downloading the rules!), so I can't say for sure; but I suspect multiples like this would make for 'army building' units in that gaming system.

The bees certainly looked worried enough to be flying naked into the withering-fire of hairy, undead, lizard-men space-marines from some esoteric resin-caster working out of a garage with a 3D printer in Toronto or Turin! 

I love the winged-eye, he reminds me of the eyes of Mouse & Kelly which made such an iconic contribution to the whole feel of the Psychedelic Movement in the print media, yet also of the Droogs in A Clockwork Orange - with the bowler hat!

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