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Monday, December 4, 2017

H is for [Super] Heroes in a Half-shell!

How can you possibly follow Bat-BotsTM but with humanoid Tortles . . . no; Turpins . . . err . . . Terratoises . . . Doh! These shelfies from Brian Berk were sent in a while ago, but they should still be available in the 'States or on-line?

The back of the pack gives news of a full set of four being available and that if you put children under three years of age in a wheelie-bin, they may take-on a miserable countenance; so Don't! It's Christmas, everything goes in the bin after the New Year!

"Hey kids! If you're going out to beat things up with nun-chucks, remember to wear skate-pads!" Michelangelo keeping his chained fighting-sticks warm under his armpits!

I think the click-and-go refers to the base; there's no sign of other moving or replaceable parts?

Around 70mm, I'll be looking out for them over here, although [he thinks] I'm still missing one of the smaller Tactik ones (Donatello) I was picking-up a couple of years ago. These are under the new or second Monogram label, the same lot behind the Batman pencil-top bust we looked at a while ago, also courtesy of Brian.


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