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Thursday, December 7, 2017

K is for Kinder-kind Kids

Funnily-enough I've received Kinder or Kinder-like stuff from three other people in the last few days and had some stuff I'd bought to add to the mix as well, but most of it's not superhero-related, so will be in a later post on the subject, but these two are Kinder (or Kinder 'like') so we'll have a quick shuftie!

I think this is the Goblin? Marvel anyway, and one of these 'Big Head' deforms which I have little time for, I keep getting the footballers in mixed lots and they go straight back to charity!

I can't actually remember if this came from a show, a charity-shop purchase, or was in the bottom of Jim's lot the other day, but I'll 'thank you' anyway and Contribution will be in the tag-list as the other item in today's post definitely is!

Hahahahahahahah! Really? With that string? Heeheeheeheehee!

Guter Job Schultz, war er irgendwelche Schwierigkeiten?

Nein, mein Herr; Er ist nur einen Vichy großen Kopf!

Peter Evans sent me a bunch of Kinder's the other day, which as I say; we'll look at in a few days, but in the meantime one of them was from the above set, I think - like the Barbies - these are from 'pink' eggs, and obviously I'm going to have to pay more attention to the pink ones!

From the left we have Leprechaun GirlTM, WaspBeeFly LadyTM, Harlequin (?) or is it Harly Quinn? Supergirl, Wonder Woman (see below), NinjagirlladywomanTM and Bat-Girl/Cat-Girl? I think! You will - by now - know I don't take these American superhero's terribly seriously - being a Brit (Judge Dredd and 'War Comics', following-on from Tarzan and pulp-space) I find the formulaic superhero trope to be hard to revere.

How many people will fall in, get caught in the beam/ray/wave of, eat, drink, sniff, suffer a spray/spill/inoculation of, or be bitten by; something radioactive, diseased, secret, experimental, unknown or alien before DC and/or Marvel find an original storyline? They're one-trope stories, dragged out for years, even decades!

A four-part plastic figure-kit with a sticker! Are we heading back to the glory-days of the 1980/90's with Kinder's return to Steckfiguren? I hope so . . .

 . . . Up, up, and away!

Nice figure! You pull back on her ankle to flick her forward, it's not terribly effective, but nevertheless it's added-value and presumably the other figures have similar gimmicky features?

Don't get me wrong I don't hate them, I just can't take it seriously, I used to watch the Hulk every week as a kid, it was the same every week;
  • Moves to new area/helps someone
  • Seatles down with new friends/job
  • Someone makes him 'very' angry (which you won't like)
  • Packs his little rucksack and buggers-off to next episode! 
 'Return & repeat' very week!

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