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Sunday, December 31, 2017

LP is for Little Plum!

Sometimes a title is so obvious it's like Newton's apple; it just falls into your lap! These two are by Lucky Products and resemble the UK Beano comic cartoon character Little Plum and his err . . . sister . . . girlfriend?

Not a terribly good likeness of Little Plum, but the principles of cartoon-caricature are there with the oversized head, the childlike features, the clowning-around and the succeeding in looking harmless even when waving a war-axe around!

The female is very similar, but dancing off the other foot. Both carry on the tradition of the earlier Jecsan set (which was also copied in Hong Kong I think; as gum-ball prizes?) made in Spain, although the Iberian set had more grotesque features, particularly in the faces (borderline-racist Indians), but also little spindly arms and legs, the horses drawing heavily on the Lucky Luke comic strip. As far as I know LP only did these two poses.

As Pink Floyd nearly put it: "Careful with that tomahawk Eugene"!

And a quick thanks to dadsattictoys on evilBay who got the boy to me in about four days, several of which included a Sunday, Christmas day and Boxing day! Grudging respect to Royal Fail - as well - I suppose!

PS - because I put "I think" in the title, I'd covered my arse - they're not scoring points, they're just being arseholes and for the second Christmas in a row; once an arsehole, always an arsehole. Nice of me to give them something to write about over the holiday season, onanistic tosspots!

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