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Thursday, December 7, 2017

S is for Small-Scale Superheroes

A weak post, but it clears a load of bits & bobs out of Picasa, so it's an exercise in housekeeping if nothing else, and the last image is all-new, and interesting.

Carrying-on from this morning's Kinder, I think the chap with a skidoo is from a superhero set of some kind, but also from a capsule toy or blind-back type line? Toy Options are part of a UK outfit (Character Group) with quite a few tentacles and have carried Galoob clearance in the past, this looking like a re-paint of a standard micro-machine winter-sports item, it may have been a James Bond thing; not a superhero thing?

To his right are the contents of the 'Miscellaneous' bag in the Galoob box, the pirate is for another day, while I don't know if the damaged bike is from Ninja Turtles (see below), Small Soldiers (seen here sometime; Mattel) or Biker Mice (storage, Applause?), but the chap in the middle is looking like he might be the spandex-bedecked victim of a nuclear accident, or radioactive spider's bite?

The image above is the side panel off something we've looked at before (Galoob baseball players) and shows some other BatSetsTM!

We've also looked at this Playmates set before, but it seems I had some shots left! Teenage Mutant Ninja Heroes in a Half-shell and some dude who's so fat he needs a tank to go to the shops! He'll be the bad guy; bald, loud-shirt, grey equipment, definitely a bad guy!

Seen before, but I had a spare image; they accompany larger action figures, found in corner shops and pound-stores, I'm still missing the blue one!

Now, these were sent by Brian Berke a year-or-so ago, but should still be findable and I quite like the looks of them, but I haven't seen them over here anywhere, not even Asda, which is where you'd look given that they state 'Walmart Exclusive'.

Not 'deforms' so much as slight caricatures, and from Marvel who come second to DC in my book, but none-the-less a nice little set of what look to be 28/30mm figures.

I don't recognise the first one (Phoenix Man?) or the second (The Man SnailTM), Captain A and the Archer bloke are a bit more familiar, while for UK readers - is the forth one down Bodie or Doyle!


Anonymous said...

Hi There Mr Walter - I always enjoy your column

However I think you'll find:

Phoenix man = Falcon

Snail Man = Ant Man

& Sadly not Bodie or Doyle but "Bucky Barnes" AKA the Winter Soldier

Cheers Mate

Hugh Walter said...

Why, Thank You Mr anonymous Superfan! While I'm obviously not a fan of the genre, I do 'get it' and accuracy comes before all here! Cheers!