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Saturday, December 9, 2017

T is for Those Pesky Astronauts

I don't know where your collection stands with regard to theme or 'purity' or scale, period or type, but some of you at least - I'm sure - will be as uncontrolled and esoteric as me when it comes to amassing plastic tat, and one of the things you will have accrued in the 'unknown zone' is an assortment of PVC figures between 25/30mm and and around the 60/70-mil mark depicting NASA Astronauts.

Some of them you may have ID'd over the years (maybe even these), I know I've pinned some small ones down to Matchbox's Mega-Rigs, others to Safari Toobs, these came into TKMaxx the other day and frankly; twelve-quid is too much for the contents, so 'shelfie-cam' came out!

Brand-marked to Motor Max the rump of Zylmex now owned by Tai Sang's offspring Red Box (sibling of Blue Box - as we discovered, sorry; RE-discovered, a year ago!), this NASA-influenced play-set definitely contains some of the 45/50mm'ish 'unknown' figures from my storage sample, does it help you with any of yours?

Close-ups of the window box shows four or five poses among the six figures, but for some of you the moon-buggy may well be the bigger draw. There's also a piece of ground equipment and a shuttle and 'big-rig' with booster rocket, all in different scales!

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