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Saturday, December 2, 2017

T is for Trio of Trojan Troops

As mentioned earlier today, the acquisition of that rubber Roman was the third of the three poses of Thomas Toys/Poplar Plastic's Romans to come in recently, while I do have a bunch in storage, this is another box ticked here!

They actually look a bit more Greek or Trojan than Roman if you ask me and far more Etruscan! Not rare and probably more common in this factory-painted PVC (Thomas) than the unpainted 'bright-colours' polyethylene you also find them in from Poplar.


Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

I don't know about the sabre of the left hand figure but the lorica segmenta inspired armour, marching boots (as opposed to greaves), short sword and the pila on the right figure ( R as viewed) look like an attempt at Roman to me. fwiw.

Hugh Walter said...

I know Ross! It's the hats mate, they're all wrong! And I have a soft spot for the Etruscans so I'm always looking for excuses to attribute figures to them!!! That Swordy Sabrey thing . . . has to do double-duty as a horse whip when he's put in the chariot, hence it's ambiguous design!