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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

L is for Let's Unwrap the Present from Paul 'The Jabbering Fuck' Stadinger

Well! He said he'd be watching Small Scale World 'very closely' and anyone who's noticed stuff first covered here reappearing 'over there' a few days or weeks later during the course of the summer and autumn would appreciate that if he wasn't; he'd have far less to write about!


Usual pack drill, but as both my post and his (1st, I'm not bothering with the second; he's dragged it out like a ration-pack turd) were quite brief, we'll do it one line/sentence at a time to make it easier to follow . . . I'm in green, herein . . . and henceforth;

On another site the owner put  up [double space and two 'up's'] the above figure up.  I did; the very same one, his accuracy is commendable.

The owner knew that it was Spanish, [I did, his accuracy increases in leaps and bounds] but he stated he could not find anything  about [double space] it and another figure. I couldn't; my accuracy is matching his for its veracity!

He said he had checked the Spanish blogs and found nothing. I said "But I'm pretty sure by way of supposition (the level of presumption below assumption) that they are Teixido, and a quick perusal of that there Intermerthingey (the Wibbly Wobbly Way) reveals that there's not much known about the company [Teixedo] by anyone, even the Spanish Blogs"

Both figures he felt were Teixido. I did; his accuracy is advancing with the speed of a greyhound!

As to above figure he felt it was a shepherd boy. Oh . . . accuracy starting to wander as the opportunity to score a perceived point or two seems to present itself? I actually said "More seasonal this one; he seems to be a shepherd-boy, but whether from a farm-toy range, medieval line or a set of nativity 'Belenes' I can't say - as I don’t know!"[I could have drawn your attention to the dagger, but it was Christmas and I thought it was better to draw a veil over that with a casual "...medieval line..." thrown-in there to exercise the memory or imagination!]

Sadly once again the party has his information totally wrong. How is it "...wrong..." when I've committed to nothing? Nada, nicht, ziltch, a great big bugger-all-detail-fest! How "...totally..." when he agrees I was correct to say "Spanish" - too dumb! Thick as pig-shit.

The figure is not Teixido but Pech [y] Hermanos. Thanks, but the Editor of Plastic Warrior magazine (subscribe you land-lubbers!) let me know that, he did so quietly and without fuss, by eMail and the post was updated by me the next time I was on-line! You know . . . politely . . . No, no you don't know polite at all! [line 7]

I have had this figure for several years. He has, three cheers for the Jabbering Fuck! The very figure I photographed four years ago, yet he didn't share it with the rest of us earlier!

Naturally I had  to [double space] get information to back up my assertion. Did he? I was having connectivity problems and thought it best to post so you'd have something to read over the holiday season and maybe tell me about, had I held on to it or been able to 'get information' . . . well . . . and I suspect he got the information before he made his assertion, he's fundamentally a coward.

I turned to “Historia del Soldadito de Plastico Espanol.” [Double quotes for a book title?] Hooray! He can't write for toffee; but he can read!

This book was written on plastic Spanish figures by Juan HermidaIt is; a return to accuracy! And further proof I was right in my clain there was nothing to find on-line! It's like Moses castigating the Israelites for breaking the rules only he's read and which he's still holding! Thick as pig-shit.

On page 362, the figure is shown. Oh good!

It is not [a] shepherd boy, but a pirate. I refer you to my previous answer [line 7].

He is one of 12 different pirates that Pech [y] Hermanos did. Several of the pirate figures were reissued by Bum.  I figure the wire is for a pirate flag. None of three pirate figures [?] have the flag. Yada-yada-yada . . . he's now pulling stuff out of someone else's book with a level of knowledge we now know (because he told us) required him to "'...get information...", i.e. he didn't know it prior to deciding it might be a good use of his time to attack me over Christmas for the second year in a row! Still; a rare name-check/credit for the author!

As to the other figure the person showed[,] it is also Pech [y] Hermanos. It is an Aztec; one of four poses they did. It is on page 350 of the same book. &etc . . .ad nauseum, he really is a dim-witted, humourless dullard.

I was really surprise the other party could not find anything on the Pech Hermanos pirate. Why? You said you had to go to a book, I said I was using the internet (with connectivity issues) you're obviously easily surprised!

I went to my copy of Juan’s book and found confirmation in about ten minutes. Well done, do you want a medal or a chest to pin it on?

I was also surprise he assume it was a shepherd boy with the style of clothing and pose. I didn't? It was one suggestion of three with a question mark! Fucktard!


That's it folks, not terribly exciting but it gives us an insight to the mental workings of a shit-for-brained fucktard, he started a war a year ago, lost every battle (inventing a whole port and industrial estate on the way), followed me all year, tried so hard to shift his lazy-arse into publishing more than me (nearly every month, but by the middle of the month his inherent laziness always overtook his desire to 'beat' me) and decided - at Christmas; again - to try and score a few easy points by correcting me on something I had already declared I was "...100% sure..." I wasn't sure about - that level of stupid takes some beating . . .

 . . . but if anyone does beat it, it will be Paul 'the Jabbering Fuck' Stadinger or his cock-wacking monkey-lizard. He has made a mountain out of a molehill; to prove he can read (or buy?) a book, extraordinary!

And while the rest of us have been pigging-out on turkey-dinners, goose, ham, plum-duff, cake, chocolates, Turkish delight, nuts, dates . . . and all the other trimmings; what the hell goes on at Stadinger's to have him lashing-out every year? He must be quaffing firkins of bile in some hate-filled miasma of bitterness! The man's either a complete cunt, or sick in the head.

You can't know everything, you can't have everything!

He/They continued the sport the next day with images of the old Pech catalogue which have been around for a while (I now know I have them both in the files; just not titled 'Odd man with wire and Indian-like figures'!), who knew my admitting to not knowing an early Spanish figure or two (which were Spanish!) could get a couple of retards so exited, and I can't really tell which is the strongest emotion on display through the two-day twit-fest; envy, hate or bitterness, but there seems to be [ill-] liberal sprinklings of all three! And it reeks of desperation, extraordinary!

Imagine if I'd burst a metaphorical blood vessel every time Stadinger has been corrected this past year, imagine if I'd run two-days worth of pointless waffle every time one of Stadinger's 'unknowns' was ID'd, or if I could ID it; I wouldn't have had time to post anything else! Charbens for Cherilea, Nardi swoppets, he's pulled-up, called-out, corrected or 'helped' at least once a week! Still - now he's started; it's a game I'm happy to play . . .


Here's a bit of fun for the Christmas holidays, it'll take no more than five or ten minutes of your life, so worth joining in . . . go to my original post and open the image I took (right-click 'view image') four years ago, then download it (right-click; 'save as') to your desktop (or wherever you save images to), then go to Paul 'The Jabbering Fuck' Stadinger's post [ http://www.stadsstuff.com/?p=11062 ] and download the image he took in the last few days (of the same figure) and if they've not ended-up in a folder together: put them in one.

Then view them in whatever image-browser/viewer you use, toggling back and forward between the two (left and right arrows) with a view to deleting the shittier, crappier, greyed-out, half-in-shade, fuzzier of the two images.

That's it, ten minutes fun, and the funny thing is, you'll find the worst image is the larger file-size? It's 3.06MB as opposed to my 93.5kb, three times the size, plus, extraordinary! And the figure has a foul coating of dust it didn't have when I photographed it . . . nice work looking-after a rare figure there, fuckwit!


Nasty guys! Here's two evilBay bottom-feeders, not for the first time; slagging-off one of the mainstay suppliers of the hobby for over a quarter of a century. They had a go at someone a couple of months ago, might even have been the same guy?

The illustrated catalogues issued by Toy Soldier Co. for over - what? - fifteen, twenty-odd (?) years (recently they switched to .pdf file catalogues) make-up a superb research-resource of/for the developments in the hobby over that time, and they are a one-stop shop for someone coming back to the hobby with a long 'wants-list'.

They may be pricy, but a bigger - more professional - operation has higher overheads, and this listing is reasonable for a rare, sought-after set, in my opinion, but then I don't often opine on such things other than to slag-off on-line auction sellers (and feebleBay bottom-feeders) for having high BIN prices, high postal costs and for not selling/shipping to countries they expect to be able to buy from, yet still allowing those lots to be listed in worldwide search-results!


Did anyone catch the Mr Fritz 'Obituary'; that was a peachy example of the PSTSM in full-cry! Boy - was it! Grim stuff.

I use quotation marks as it was less of an obituary and more of a roasting, with a bit of squabbling, demands for apologies, 'who-said-what-firsts' and general sourness, leading to a second attempt at decorum the following day which equally failed, extraordinary!

The fact that the guy's kids joined-in says more about them than anything, but I was taught 'never speak ill of the dead'** and while it may well be the 'American Way' it was also another distasteful display of nastiness by elements of the Penn-State Toy Soldier Muppets; they’re not nice; they're nasty guys, gleefully reporting on fights, grudges and competitiveness going back years; which went some way to explaining why I usually publish these posts as ripostes to the Jabbering Fuck's attacks.

It's all very tedious, but to not respond at all would be to leave the field to a pair of illiterate fuckwits!

** Or at least never speak ill of the recently dead . . . I think it's OK to point out their flaws years later in formal biographies, otherwise we wouldn't be able to annoy the French by pointing out that their flatulent little corporal was a despotic dictator who undemocratically shoe-horned his family-members into the main positions of power, all-over conquered Europe, whilst having himself declared Emperor . . . of a Republic . . . "...absolute power..." and all that!


The TSC website offers a huge selection of plastic toy soldiers and metal toy soldiers, ranging from painted metal miniatures to unpainted plastic green army men, in scales from 1/32nd or 54mm to 1/72nd or HO, plus much more.

Call Jamie - Toll free: 1  888  825  8697
Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm, Tuesday evenings 6-10pm - Eastern Standard Time


Couple of images from the same file as the two Teixedo's Pech's, one is a Peruvian-made Nazi municipal road-sweeper, depicting the autumn '36 uniform-changes for the Gau of Stuttgart (missing the pink [armoured broom-trolleys] neckerchief), he came in the famous and much sought-after What to do with These Leaves play-set, the other is an Adelaide ice-cream salesman (afternoon shift) of the 1950's, made in Papua New Guinea from polymerised coconut-husk and from the rarer-than-rare Many Magical Marsupial's Set-B zoo play-set . . . I think, but I can't remember which is which?

Is that enough to get TJF spitting more nails? I can always write more, you know! I guess his traffic dropped over Christmas? Everybody's traffic drops over Christmas - unless they're attacked by him, that tends to give them a boost! Thick as pig-shit fucktard.


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