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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

News, Views Etc . . . Toys in the Media

Rather thin gruel this time and with only two figures; but there are seven images which meant it was easier to hive them off to a separate post, only to make room for other stuff in the other 'News, Views...' posts. Minor rant after the 7th image . . . politicicicing again - don't you know!

A while ago now, this turned-up in some half-serious magazine, the title of which I can't even remember now, it's gone to recycling, but I think it might have been the disability magazine Focus or Soldier Magazine (the official mag' of the British army), anyway, it - obviously - depicts the houses from Monopoly (it was illustrating an article on purchasing property-for-profit if I recall correctly).

The interesting thing is that although they look like the old wooden houses (and are wooden), they are also very clean and new looking with rounded/smoothed edges in a more modern style, so I'm guessing that among the plethora of Monopoly versions out there is a De Luxe, 'legacy' or 'nostalgia' set with newer wood-buildings? And - of course; those Pound-coins are history now!

Mary Mother of Christ! No, no, as far as I know TJF hasn't said anything untoward in the last 48-hours*; it's Mary, the mother of the Little Baby Jesus! On a bookie-wook! Although judging by the title; she's turned to the demon 'Drrrink'!

Looks to be one of those slip-cast, hollow, 6-8 inch, bisque-fairings, with a terracotta wash and over-decoration.

* Turns out he has, but I'll cover it later in the week.

Also on a book cover we have what looks to be Airfix's (or Frog's?) Boulton-Paul Defiant (sans fiddly-bits) or Hurricane night-fighter (?) and a Ford Escort (Granada?), the title is clever and found on all the books on the shelf, the spine of the actual tome photographed being identical to those in the artwork!

Dominos being used to flog watches in Woman & Home magazine!

I can't remember where I found this - it may have been the Daily Wail or the Evening Standard? Anyway; it's an article on the art of packing your luggage, illustrated with Priser's flight-bags! If only we all had the problems that belabour the jet-set huh?!

This has been/is in most of the daily print-media these last few months in various formats or dimensions, and we like it because it's got a gnome, and last time we ran gnomes here TJF ran them a few days later, will he oblige again or does it have to be tagged to Leprechauns?

This was the funniest . . . a Daily Wail, article complaining that one of its readers - having taken out a year's insurance and opted for the instalments payment choice, had written his car of and got 100-squid in scrappage, only to think he shouldn't have to keep making the payments on the policy - something The Fail seem to agree with!

Beautifully summing-up the hypocrisy of the Right, of whom the Daily Pail is standard-bearer; they don't think the less fortunate should be given a penny or a leg-up, but one of their readers should be let-off his contractual obligations!

If you pay in-full, up front and get less for the car than the policy is worth, you don't get a reimbursement, yet their oafish-reader shouldn't have to pay-up to the full amount, because his car wasn't worth it? The twisted 'Trumpundbrexit!' logic of the selfish, self-regarding, self-absorbed, small-c 'conservative', parochial, reactionary, 'moral (white, over-50, lower middle-class, mostly male) majority' . . . they make me puke with their Tory votes and desire for a Thatcher Museum!

Nice stock-image though - Minis; Wolsey, BMC and Austin Morris I think, from the Leyland days and presumably a mix of Dinky, Corgi, Spot-On and . . . ? I think also; they are all slightly different?

That's it for the toys spotted around and about, usually flogging stuff, or an idea, have you seen any?

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