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Sunday, January 7, 2018

P is for Pig!

When I said there'd likely be more chocolate in my diet in the New Year, I lied! I was so impressed by the improvement in the toys in that tray I found before Christmas I adopted a two-eggs a day policy for the rest of that week!

Yes, I'm a pig, but I get enough exercise to work it off and not have to worry about it in the same way some of my contemporaries might, I notice that having encouraged us to pig-out for the last few weeks the mass-media are now banging-on about exercise, fitness, gyms and loosing weight!

The first pair was more 'Katoons', a woodpecker whose tree section is stackable with three other toys to make a tree, the whole being poseable to present either a summer (green) face, or an autumn (orange/brown) face to the viewer. The other being a beaver and kit (cub?) that shelters in the curve of mum's tail.

The next day's was more of the same with a spring-mechanism snapping-shark and a peculiar hedgehog wearing a nappy made of leaves! He's part of a set of four similar nappy-wearers, but they are clip-on so can be easily lost . . . luckily!

After that it all went a bit downhill, with no more figurals, and not much of more than passing 'toy blogger' interest to me, but the custom chopper was a nice surprise, and the Mini is one of the hyper-realistic models ideal for HO railway layouts.

That the tray was empty after day four suggest's someone else was pretty impressed with the content's too, as it hadn't seemed to go down as speedily in the weeks before it's sudden diminution, partly at my hands!

The little pieces of track way that came with the two-seater racing car seemed familiar, and I found similar tracks in some shelfies of Cars movie tie-in bland-bag stuff I'd taken for the still in edit Moshlings post.

Made by Zuru, they are (or appear to be from the photo) actually a different design, not so much in the dimensions - where the similarity looks close - but in the method of connecting the pieces. Is this a 'play grounds' toy-trend which I've missed?

The Inserts;

I got them a bit wonky in the scanner; but you get the picture! That's five or six sets of four, each of which has some meme or trope; tree-section, baby, leaf-nappy, arctic, ocean or North American. One wonders how many are there altogether and how many are passably realistic?

The track is branded to Modular Toys Ltd., so the line may be available separately elsewhere? Although it seems to be a promotion for their larger Lego-compatible sets. You can see how getting all four makes a little race-way. 

The more useful/collectable of the vehicles; not that chopper-owners would be seen dead running 3- or 5-spoke mag-alloys, they'd insist on proper spokes that need adjusting one by one, tightening after a long journey and which display a tendency to snap with a twang when you least expect it!

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