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Thursday, January 11, 2018

S is for Sterwin Watch . . .

Did you see what I did there, sort of like 'Amerind', except it's Stads and Erwin!

Being the latest nonsense from Paul 'The Jabbering Fuck' Stadinger (TJF) and his cock-wackin' money lizard; Erwin 'Makin' it up as I go Along, Again' Sell. Crappy Post but I can't have the two idiots thinking they're getting away with it!

How fucktarded is he? . . .

. . . This fucktarded apparently! And what the hell is an 'A. American - brackets - Peruvian' when it's at home, some unleavened bread, an Arizonan wall-builder? Still it’s nice to know he has a hand - for all that cock-wackin'! Too funny, just too funny!

I could have used the word 'Mesoamerican' but I would have been on shakier ground, so I used the cover-all (for a figure I'd admitted I didn't know 100%) . . . 'Amerindian' . . .

. . .  which was the correct word to use, this is the Oxford University page, but there are others - all saying the same thing! In point of fact had a tossed the coin for and got Mesoamerican I would have been spot-on, but I'm careful, so lost a Brownie-point!

This guy is so stupid, so ignorant, so utterly fucktarded he sought to correct me on a word which has totally escaped him, a word which it didn't even strike him as maybe being worth Googling before his pontification! Trying to be clever when you're not very clever is not very clever. Too funny, just too funny!

Meanwhile his sponsor [TJF] has decided to spend January (or maybe the whole year?) playing I've got those too! This means I'm now literally driving the output on Stad's stuff - pretty poor output - it has to be said! Unfortunately it seems he didn't have the Lido 'Captain Video' figures necessary 'cos he showed some Lido knights he's shown before, instead - not a full set or anything useful like that-  and then threw-up some other space figures which he stated he didn't know!

Can he (or his supporters) not see the blatant hypocrisy in pulling me up for not knowing a Spanish figure, then he, himself; not knowing his own US-made Ajax and Archer, like his apprentice, he's too fucking funny! And - as I've said before - as thick as pig-shit; if not thicker, he started this war a year ago and so far has done a very bad job of prosecuting it.

If I wanted to play along!

While he has - for a while now - shown a tendency to play I've got those (or something similar!) too, I try not to post stuff they've recently shown (because I don't need to follow, too busy leading!) unless it's a major correction, so this lot (above) which has been in the queue for a while can stay in Picasa for a while-longer and we'll look at other stuff!

To find a level of stupid to match that coming from the PSTSM's headquarters these days, you have to go to Kim Jong-un's palace . . . or the White House! Hard to tell; both buildings are inhabited by child-like ranters with weird hair!

The children are making a concerted-effort to take over the nursery! Something more toy-like this afternoon!

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