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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Thought for the Day 9

For Trumpundbrexit'eers everywhere . . .

Those who would sacrifice freedom for security
deserve neither

- Benjamin Franklin


peter holland said...

You should read your quote to yourself.
Those who voted remain were willing to give up their freedoms, hard won by generations of UK citizens in ages past, for the illusion of peace and security offered by the EU. A political organisation that at its heart is undemocratic.
Yes, we have many things in common and have been allies for a sometime. But our laws, customs and traditions are what makes us different. We will have a more accountable executive because they won't be able to point to Brussels and blame them anymore.
Our laws will only be made in the UK, even if account is taken of other law making bodies elsewhere.
Trial by jury will not be at risk.
The EAW (European Arrest Warrant) can be amended or scrapped.
That UK citizens will once again have the protection of UK courts.

peter holland said...

By the way.
I like the blog. Best to keep politics out of wargaming.

Hugh Walter said...

We are one species, and if we are to save the planet from that species we will need a world government (not something I like the idea of), the EU is only a step toward that inevitability, Bwreaksit is a step back from that path.

Poxy little 19th flag-waving nationalism. We are surrendering the freedoms to travel and trade with ease in 27 countries to appease a minority of Tory back-bencher's, who would keep current or increased levels of poverty in the 7th richest nation on earth.


peter holland said...

17m people voted for Brexit. It wasn't to appease a few, or a lot, of Tories. I'm sorry you are willing to give up your freedoms for a little peace and security.
Let's stick to wargaming.
Best wishes

Hugh Walter said...

No, I'm giving up my freedoms for your pulling-up the drawbridge and waving your silly little flags 'security' you ignorant fuckwit, and - in your case - war gaming is for little boys who haven't grown up.