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Friday, February 23, 2018

A is for Agglo

That's Agglo the Chinese exporter, not Aglow the French importer! Just a quick fillip to yesterday's dinosaur posts which absolutely clears dinosaurs from the lap-top . . . I think!

Shelfie'd in one of Mr Berke's favourite NY discount stores and sent to the blog at Christmas, so still current'ish? We'll look at the Dino's first even though the second set is the more interesting.

This seems to be a mix of two sets, smaller monochrome 'minis' in yellow, green and brown; the green being very washy-looking, and larger models with a bit of airbrushed paint, the whole bulked-out with the usual rocks and trees and stuff.

They look to be really old sculpts, whether they are old stock or not remains a mystery, but from some of the stuff which does turn-up from time to time it's clear there are the odd warehouse or two full of old stuff out there somewhere!

This is more interesting, as it's the same figures and vehicles we saw Imperial (and others) carrying earlier last year and again in Rack Toy Month, the Tiger turret is still on the Sheridan hull and the T-whatever turret is still on the Tiger's hull! Unified-Germans versus Yanks? Seems to be a tad against the spirit of NATO membership!

The 'planes may have been bought-in from another source, as the F-something 'scaryplane' (F17?) thing turns up quite often in other play-sets (including Redbox's Motormax sets) and is in a harder polymer like ABS or propylene, but the Tomcat/Eagle (? I don't really 'do' aircraft) is usually found in the same crumbly plastic as those figures look to be the version of (see previous posts), so the stealth-fighter may just be in a harder plastic due to moulding issues, especially with that tail!

A lot of Fun!

The 'other' agg'lowe! Imports of generic Airfix 54mm clones, reduced to 25mm.

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