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Thursday, February 1, 2018

F is for Football - 4 - Brian's Bits

These days; whenever we do a season, or even a mini-season here at Small Scale World, the contributions of Mr B. Berke are never far away, and the Football mini-season is no exception, this was going to be post number two, but due to this afternoon's post, it's now the closer for the football mini-season, as always; Thank you Brian.

These 'Soccer Championship' rack-toys follow a time-old pattern of large scale football figures; previously Hong Kong, now 'China' - when I worked for a toy dealer we would often get this type of figure in, sometimes with a kicking-action. These don't seem to have a kicking-action, but they are well detailed sculpts (in at least three poses), with swivel-waists and moving arms.

We seem to be looking at a Dutch 'International' with Brazil and Scotland (?) on the card art. It would be interesting to see/know the whole line. It should also be noted that the two on the card-art seem to have had a better decorative regime than the one in the blister, although 'Brazil' seems to be wearing blue-suede loafers! Pester-power shut-'em-up crossed with cake decoration!

Kaskey Kids in the US are behind this tub of Soccer Guys, not the best sculpts and a limited pose range (three players? Plus goal-keeper's and referee). Also it's hard to judge size, but they look like they would go well with either of the Styrene cake-decoration sets we looked at in Part 3, depending on size? Probably the smaller HK ones?

The yellow and blue skin would need paint!

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