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Sunday, February 11, 2018

I is for If You Like Sci-fi Toys!

I received an email and some very interesting shots of Zero Hour (Code Zero in the 'States) toys, as the Photo's aren't collageable and the text is self-explanatory, I give you first Richard Dixon's own words, then the shots...

Hi Hugh

I've just been reading your site stuff on Zero Hour Toys....

....I was the principal photographic designer for Bluebird Toys in 1989 - 1990....I also designed the Toy Fair Displays for the Range at Earls Court Toy Fair and the smaller display at Harrogate Toy Fair to launch the range.

During my time on the promotion for the product I also built a large display for Hamleys in London for the Christmas Display to promote the Range...and worked on the TV advertisements and all Children's Comics for the Range....

....Best Regards

Richard's website is a wealth of toy info and nostalgic imagery . . .

. . .  thank you Richard for these fascinating pictures!

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