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Friday, February 9, 2018

J is for Justice League

If Small Scale World gave out points it would be giving Spectrum eleven out of ten right now!

That may seem a little harsh on Brian B after all he's done for the blog, and indeed all the other contributors, but A) Mr Burke knows that if SSW was giving out points, he'd already have hundreds 'in the bank' and B) small scale world would be generous with points and everyone would probably get 11/10 most every-time!

I don't know what you'd redeem them for? My eternal gratitude I guess! But for now Spectrum gets the 11 imaginary points on offer, 'cos . . . look what happened; . . . third time lucky!

Back to Basingrad; back to TJKX-whatever; low and behold . . . new stock!

All the tired old, scuffed, dented Christmas clear-out has . . . err . . . been cleared-out! And in its place lots of shiny new things, including not one but two of the Phidal sets Mr. Spectrum told us about.

I only bought one, but will get the other if it's still there next time (phew, lucky I didn't say where they are . . . doh! Bracknell!! Did I say Bracknell, yes-yes; they're all and only in Bracknell; Grandma Gubbin's Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe - second left off the whatsitsname doobryfirkin promenade, promise!)**, the other set seemed to have smaller figures which is why I took this one [first?!].

Both sets were 5.99, which is cheaper than some are offering them for on evilBay - with extra for postage! That's five-ninty-nine for 12 figures; fifty-pence each; some of those Eastern-European new production guys want 12-quid or more for 6 figures or less! And these are painted, with at least four colours, one (Lex) has as many as seven.

The book is really aimed at the under 7's or thereabouts with each of the four heavy board pages having one paragraph for Mum, Dad or Granny to read, yet in large enough print to be learnt. However you don't want to look at a kid's book, do you? You want to look at the figures!

The 'household names' as it were, with the Super's the Bat's and a Wonder! Well - it was always a wonder how she got that bustier on-or-off without doing herself an injury, and the hot-pants probably came with their own shoe-horn! Butt-horn? Horny butt . . . I'll stop now!

The girls; Super and Bat, are quite small, like sort of ten or twelve-year-old small, which is a bit odd, but scale obviously wasn't a priority with the set, or the other sets in the range - since it will be about weight of polymer against recommended cost of retail set.

The rest of the 'good guys', I remember the Green Lantern from childhood vaguely, but seem to recall he had a different costume, and The Flash used to pop-up in the odd comic, but the other two are as new to me as that arrow-firer the other day!

The 'bad guys' - always more fun, although as silly as the superheroes. I don't know if these are any more accurate than the previous foursome, but there is some size variation; Lex is only human, yet; here seen much bigger than Brainiac, a size difference that can't really be explained by his big boots or high collar, are brainy aliens smaller? While Darkseid has got the girls missing polymer!

The reverse of all of them as laid-out in the three previous shots to fully compare the size difference, which is about 50-70mm; girls to Darkseid. If you are a fan of these DC or Marvel characters, you'll know what to think of them, I think twelve more figures for the collection that I would have missed if Spectum hadn't told us where to look!

Cheers Spectrum, they're great! But I'm disapointed there's no Millipede Insectoid Man?


** Please make sure to Google the location before you travel, I won't be held responsible for your spending 48 hours re-traversing Bracknell's collection of remarkably identical Scots Pine-decorated roundabouts and short curving duel-carriageway connectors, before you're found dead, in your car, from starvation, dehydration and traffic-related 'losing the will to live' syndrome!

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