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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Q is for Question Time - Rabbits and Turtles?

As part of the post publishing [above] in five minutes but really needing to be both separate and below it, for scroll'ers; is the rest of the [mixed] contents of the Phidel Frozen set I recently caught in a Farnborough charity shop . . .

Not really Phidel plastic, and there may be duplicate bunnies! The three turtles are all different and I feel the rabbits should be too? As with the wrapped pig/piglet the other day you feel that three turtles looking three different ways must be 'known' to someone as a cartoon meme or memorable scene in some way . . . anyone got any idea on any of them?

Rabbits are all tampo-printed on their bums: 50921AMP - and marked: 16665 © SML China - each with the numbers overlaid on the image above. Could it be 'Super Mario Logan'

Turtles likewise on the rear left flipper: 50914AMP - and carry the same moulded-in marks with numbers as above.

The printed codes being the same within species and different - but similar between - suggests family groups, further reinforcing the feeling that there's a rabbit missing/duplicated? The single numbers are probably mould or mould-cavity marks.

There was also an unrelated polypropylene traffic cone and a transparent, purple, styrene bead, in the 'lot'! And - No, I do not search this stuff out or collect it, but it's here - might as well try and ID it . . . and it gets another 'Q' in the tag-list!

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