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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

T is for Toy Fair '18 Reports - Pagett Brothers

Pagett Brothers are another older British importer like WH Cornelius, Halsall or Grossmann's, and like them have adopted another branding; A-Z which I think has featured here at Small Scale World? Dating back - like the others - to the Hong Kong days, their stand at the Toy Fair was mostly novelties, outside the normal scope of the blog (not necessarily so around Christmas though!), however in line with HGL, they had a fine display of Dinosaurs and a few other farm & zoo subjects.

Continuing the Autumn theme of paint-your-own, with more dinosaurs, four highly detailed and quite accurate models, Dino experts may be able to ID them as branded to their painted originals. Below them other novelty Dino stuff, with dino-dig plaster novelties out of frame next to the similar ancient Egyptian relic dig box.
Rack-toy assortment of , err . . . mostly Dimetrodon look-a-likes (four out of seven are 'sail-o-saurs'!), the metallic blue one looks like the latest version of that one I got a while back?

More Egyptian digging, fossil digging and skeleton digging. Also lizards, wild animals and dinosaurs in shop-counter display boxes; the stand up backing-card hinting at farm animals, large marine animals and a set of fish, not seen at the show.

A close up of the carton reveals what looks to be two-each of ten sculpts for a twenty-unit count. Clearly one guy got to paint both the quartraceratops and the parasolosaurus, unsupervised! * Someone was a bit free with the mandarin-orange too, but others are well decorated in realistic schemes.

* Dinosaur names can be written incorrectly as well as correctly!

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