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Friday, February 9, 2018

T is for Toy Fair '18 Reports - Minimasters Sports Company

A new name at the Toy Fair this year, and they have figures, or - at least - a figure!

I suspect a toe-dipping exercise to see how it runs and whether it will be joined by further sports figures, or quietly dropped in 18-months or so! Website says there's a golfer - good walk spoiled!

And what a figure it is! 1:8th scale (about 10-inches), the idea being one of a single interactive plaything, posable on a mantle-piece, bedside cabinet or bookshelf, paintable (it's not clear if paints are included) and for playing two knock-down or goal scoring games, as Minimaster puts it in their own blurb: "Play, Display or Customise".

A bit big for me (I'll take one if I see it unsullied by 'home painting' in a charity shop) but I wish Minimaster Football every success and might get-in small pots of claret and blue - just in case!

Humm . . . should have run this with the other footballers last week! Hey-ho, it's all grist to the mill, the first Pirates for TLAPD were stuffed forcefully thought the letter-box yesterday (Monday 5th) by Royal Fail, ripping the jiffy-bag's corner and we're about/soon to have a Pirate-ship - out of pirate-season! And them joined by more TLAPD stuff today (Tue. 6th) from Mr. Berke, so  - shaping-up for September, all I've got to do is remember nearer the time!

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