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Thursday, February 22, 2018

T is for Toy Fair 2018 Reports - HGL - Dinosaurs

Continuing with the Toy Fair reports and we're looking specifically at HGL's Dino-stuff, which is all (or mostly) being re-branded to 'Megasaurs' with their own website.

Here we see large stand-alone models and counter-display cartons with various toys at different pricings, some with moving parts, others with electronic actions, there are wind-up walkers and hand/glove puppets as well. To the far right, there appear to be dinosaur pencil-tops.

Already seen on the Blog, these sets (along with larger assortments) have been in both The Works and TKMaxx for several years now, on-and-off. Note in the foreground both 9 and 12-figure assortments of more dragon-like creatures. The unit-price to trade is also interesting compared to the retail prices!

The larger 7-piece sets, we did see a huge set before Christmas (2016?) with a volcano tub of mini-saurs a bit like the Geoworld iceberg in the previous post.

I took a close-up of the squatter, not even the legendary 'Tyrant King's' are safe from revolting proles! We'll be seeing more of it before the day's out.

Dino Backpacks with a tree, rocks, different animal assortments and the odd egg! To either side you can see those fluid-filled continuous worms themed to dinosaurs, dinosaur skeletons and both dinosaur Grow Eggs and plaster/gypsum eggs with embedded models.

Dinosaur slime (with dinosaur), slide-projector and tubs, along with header-carded bags of dinosaurs in two sizes - I think Brian Berke sent us shelfies from the coast of similar (non-HGL branded?) bags back in the summer?

I rather like the giraffe-like colouring of the stegosaurus in the larger bags, and the tiger-striped T-Rex for that matter! Light-up, glitter-putty, Goo Egg anyone? I think I'll pass; thanks!

Finally we have roaring models, more moving heads, friendly/cuddly dinosaurs and a larger version of the tubs. The box to the far left seems to have squeezy dinosaurs of the same type as dog-toys!

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