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Sunday, February 11, 2018

T is for Two - Dungeons and Dragons . . .

. . . from Comics Spain! Looking for something else the other day, I found the Bullyland folder, and thought "Ah! I must Blog those two", looking for them again a few days later I went instead to the Comics Spain folder and found these two - not for the first time; things Juan Angel sent me about nine-years ago! So firstly - ThanksGog!

It's two vinyl characters from the Dungeons & Dragons franchise/license held by [the recently demised] Comics Spain from TSR (Tactical Studies Rules), taken-out in 1985 and pertaining - I think - to a kid's cartoon of the early-evening/after-school TV type? The girl is supposed to have a staff or weapon of some kind (in green) but it has been removed by a previous owner . . .

. . . .and the catalogue managed to obstruct it too, so I still don't know what it should look like! Nevertheless an interesting pair and I think the Girl is called 'Diana', the short chap 'Master'? Scale is best described as 'Cartoon-size', but will be - nominally - 70mm?

The whole set; not quite what you expect from D&D, being all quite friendly-looking, even the obviously evil 'bad-guys'! Shades of Harry Potter in the boy wizard, years before the HP books as well; nothing new under the sun!


Gog said...

Hi Hugh
I'm not an expert in dungeon and dragons, but these figures are taken out of the cartoon series which, of course, was aimed at little kids. I watched it when I was 4 or 5, but I don't recall much.

The figures are quite rare nowadays, most are sold for 30-50 euro maybe even more, except the big winged guy, who is now probably around 200-250 euro.
Thanks for the link and the nice words!

Hugh Walter said...

Well; thank you for the images, and the follow-up info!

Cheers Gog