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Friday, March 30, 2018

C is for Cartoonosaurs

Several mixed bags from Charity shops have given-up a very 'mixed bag', among which were this bunch of loons! Now, there's a strange conceit within some corners of the hobby, where people think one thing shouldn't be covered but another should, and all three of these will fall into that category . . .

. . . my lines are probably further apart than other's that's for sure, but if you collect the Cherilea UN figures or Marx Disney, you can't really complain at these; they are all at the same end of the spectrum. Bit of fun for Good Friday!

These were strange, as they came from a mixed bag about a week ago, but I'm sure I'd seen them on a kid's comic as freebie/premiums in a newsagent's the day before, so I can only conclude that two siblings fought over the free gift until mum took it round to the charity shop - to end the argument? More likely; like those Dr Who Adventures figures, they keep being reissued and I happened to see the re-issues the same time some older ones got discarded!

They are caricature's of popular and common dino-types - Dippy, Ally, Steggie and Pht . . . Pte . . . Ffutt . . . the flying one! And I took them apart, because while I consider myself to be Homo-Aspergens, I'm still a curious, pink, monkey at heart!

They are hard Styrene and probably share origins with the Octonauts, Clangers and similar comic freebies. I'll likely give them to some younger relatives, they're new and clean enough (the Dino's; not the relatives!) or they may go back to charity in the next 'returns bag' - you should see the shite in the current one, a super-deform child-knight, WWF action figures, a Duplo Sheriff, Corinthians, a magic eight-ball which doesn't work. . . ugh!

These will definitely go back to charity, someone will love them, I can only hate them! I mean . . . they're hideous! But each to his own, and if you collect Nutty Generals you can't raise an eyebrow at these! The line I've drawn - in my sand - has these and the Nutty Generals on the Moscow side; if you know what I'm saying!

Marked-up to a Gosnell (could it be?), I assume they are from a larger line, related to some TV series, cartoon or movie? I don't care, they're horrid; but the box is ticked, the tag added! There's a stuffed-toys (plush) Gosnell as well?

This pair however will stay, they're very small, so will take-up no space, probably part of a larger range, which is still to be ID'd more fully, aren't that cartoony, match well with the board-game dinosaurs from the other day (lower image shows the closest matching two) and are the sort of novelty item the collection is knee-deep in any way!

Unmarked, Dippy and Steggie, softish PVC type polymer, the Stegosaurus over sprayed in a lighter orange and they both originally had their eyes dotted-in in black; it's all but worn off the Diplodocus.

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