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Friday, March 23, 2018

F is for Flocked by the Flocking Flocker!

When I first got involved in the hobby beyond my own lone collecting there was an impression that flocking was akin to magic, in part promulgated by one of the 'old guard' suggesting - more than once - that most of the flocking in the UK was done by one company.

The fact is - flocking is a relatively simple process, the machine's small enough to be affordable, and there were many flockers both here and elsewhere, the only weird thing is that there wasn't more flocking!

Here we see two hollow-casts - flocked to hell! [I'm enjoying this - can you tell!] I'm not sure who they are by, possibly the adult lion is Timpo, but often flocked-stuff was sold-on or sold through third parties such as zoos or safari park's gift shops and the baby lion-cub is not in Joplin - which leaves me guessing! Is it Taylor &/or Barratt?

Unpainted examples of the adult model in two different schemes, one with a dry-brushed (or flicked) mane, the other airbrushed or blown-on.

As this is really just a Picasa-clearing follow-up to yesterday's draft-horse HCF post, allow me to get these the hell off my PC, the flocked flockers. Probably quite modern, and sold as 'baby shower' shite, these are solid ethylene or styrene under the flock, with little paper bows.

Although having said they are probably quite modern (I saw a clean sample on evilBay the other day) they have a lot in common with older stuff from the 1970's (including HCF) so could have some age and have been novelties from before the age of baby-showers!

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