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Saturday, March 17, 2018

M&B is for Maia & Borges

A Portuguese company, very much the equivalent of the now defunct Comics Spain or France's early Papo, producing ranges of original or licensed figures and animals, they've worked with Schleich and Kinder/Ferrero in the past while also providing a go-to for local companies or organisations wanting a small production-run of something like a luggage-tag or corporate logo . . .

. . . or show/event mascot, as here with the - now 20-years old - Lisbon Expo '98 chap . . . or chap'ess? The lack of shoe-laces points to the male of the species; who appears to be some sort of ocean wave-based lifeform! It's moulded in white PVC and over-painted, with an additional stenciled logo, and key-ring fitted.

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