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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Q is for Query - Tatra's World Soldiers

I'd forgotten - when I started the Q is for Question Time trope the other week - until I was tagging - that I'd started a Q is for Query trope years ago! In the interests of fairness (and an Aspergic need for balance and order in a perceived micro-universe!) I will revive the latter (which was the former) while continuing with the former (which is the newer!), using QT for real, out-and-out questions, and Query for the more thinking-aloud type thing!

This will be of no consequence to anyone coming to the blog on another day, but I thought I'd mention it. Anyway; I'll use 'Question Time' as the tag for both types of post.

When I originally pulled all the Soldiers of the World stuff together and mused on some of those questions (before we discovered they were Tatra), one of the sources described 'brown' figures, now this Zulu, individually encountered for the first time would be best described as bronze; and knackered.

But having found several gold and bronzy-gold figures over the years, it's quite clear that this chap is an altogether darker colour, which although metallic could be considered brown to some observers?

I offer it up; damaged as it may be, as an example of the [possibly] brown versions mentioned in the past, and will keep it (in this state) until a better one turns-up.

Also, while I have never previously seen factory painted versions of these; the treatment of the paint is of a 'stab-and-hope' execution that looks quite commercial, especially the lacing on the shield? Yes - a lot of us painted like this at the start; it's a query, not a fact.

As I've never encountered one in this colour before either, could we be looking at adding a painted release to the white and peach plastic issues which have turned-up since the old article? And there was the brighter-looking mid-blue on Tatra's weblog; now gone, following another take-over which wasn't driven by them this time, and has seen them all but disappear.

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