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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Q is for Question Time - Answer Robot

This is probably the weirdest thing in Question Time so far, and may remain-so for some time.

A lot of companies re-use paper products to keep costs down, way-back-when sometimes as shredded packaging, while Comansi would print new labels on the back of over-run, so you'd end up with Thunderbirds stuff on the back of your sheriff toob!

In order for the Answer Robot (previous post) to spin easily in a crude, low-tolerance moulding, he has beneath his feet two punched discs of card faced shiny-side to shiny-side, with bare un-printed, un-coated card in contact with his base and a foam disc over the magnet.

The two discs are printed with what look to be other board-game logotypes, I think they might be non-English, Spanish or Italian maybe. Does anyone recognise them? They may point to the 'actual' maker; they may just point to the printer!

Bit of fun, but I thought the graphics might be instantly familiar to anyone who has the games, if they are from games?

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