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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Q is for Question Time - Chess Pawn?

Another quickie, I know (or I'm pretty sure - don't want TJF and the correction-police on my back again!) it's a chess pawn . . .

. . . but while he turns up in both black and white plastic from time to time, I'm not sure I've ever seen other pieces to match, which would mean he could be from a draughts/checkers type game with identical pieces.

He's a dense polystyrene, but a softer rather than brittle type, and seems to be an Elizabethan or Conquistador sort of chap. He has green felt baize on the underside and isn't particularly rare. Kneeling makes him hard to size, but he's between 60 and 70mm maybe.

As most chess (or draughts) sets in plastic seem to have been issued by known brands, I 'm hoping someone can put a makers/issuers name to him?

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